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New on MD Vendor System: MD Gift Card Script 2.3, ANS, Smart Unpacker integration

Hello everyone! Today I am very happy to share some exciting new feature for MD Vendor System which I have been working on in the last months.

First, let’s start with MD Gift Card Script 2.3: in this new version all the ‘under-the-hood’ logic has been completely re-written with the only target to make life harder to cheaters and copybotters; the overall gift card security has been enhanced while leaving all the features and workflow unaltered.

You can find this new version of MD Gift Card Script inside the MD Vendor System (Full Pack) package – obtainable through the redelivery system and the update terminal inworld – or using the MD Vendor System website: I have added a handy link in the gift cards tab, that will deliver to you only the MD Gift Card pack without having to receive the whole MD Vendor System package.

Secondly, I am very happy to introduce MD Vendor System ANS (Automatic Notification System)! This new feature is part of MD Vendor System and brings to you the power of real-time notifications integrated in Discord! What does it mean? Simply, that you can setup MD Vendor System to send you specific notifications directly on Discord! The benefits of this system are several:

  • you can be granular and select only the notifications which are considered important;
  • you will be able to receive notifications even if not logged in Second Life, as the messages will be delivered on an external platform;

Setting up MD Vendor System ANS is very quick and easy and it will not require any script update: in fact, the setup has to be performed completely via MD Vendor System website and there is a step by step guide here.

Discord is just the first platform that has been integrated with MD Vendor System and more will come in the future.

The last – but not least – new feature I am announcing today is SO amazing: MD Vendor System integrates now with MD Smart Unpacker Script!

From today if you head over the MD Vendor System website and click on the “Products” tab you will see a new “box” icon corresponding to each product: clicking on the icon will load MD Smart Unpacker unpacking statistics for that specific product, giving a complete overview of the most unpacked brand-model versions of the product. How cool is that!

The integration between MD Vendor System and MD Smart Unpacker Script is enabled by default starting from today and will show the data of the products unpacked from now on.

I hope you will enjoy this new round of updates for MD Vendor System, please feel free to contact me in-world or on discord if you have any question.

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