MD Labs Online Services


MD Labs Online Services represents an effort to provide the perfect companion to the products released by MD Labs.

This companion comes in the shape of a responsive website, that will collect and display data from in-world products, allowing user to interact with them as well. MD Labs Online Services is totally free and without any hidden costs, available for anyone who purchased one of the compatible products listed below:

Depending on the product, different features, data and interaction will be available. In many cases user will be able not only to view the data collected in-world, but also interact with the product directly from the website, without any intervention in-world.

Last, the website have been designed to be easy to use, light and flexbile, being able to adapt automatically to every kind of displays, from desktop to laptops, from smartphones to tablets; this way user will always be able to login indipendently from the device used and enjoy the experience.


Initial setup

In order to be able to login and enjoy the features provided by MD Labs Online Services, user is asked to complete the setup process, which is divided into two main steps:

  1. Account registration
  2. Product activation

Both these steps are very quick and easy to perfom and the only tool required is the Online Service HUD that is provided with the product purchased.

MD Labs Online Services Manager - HUD version

MD Labs Online Services HUD


Once wear the HUD the menu will drive the user through the two simple steps required.


1. Account registration

The first step is the account registration, which will create a user profile to log in the MD Labs Online Services website.

! IMPORTANT: the user account is unique for all products working with the MD Labs Online Services website. This means the registration process is only required at the first time; if other products compatible with the MD Labs Online Services are purchased, user will be asked directly to activate the product, and will be able to login using the account created.

In order to proceed, user will have click on the the user icon register of the HUD, or on the corresponding “Register” button in the display version. User will then be asked to choose and submit a password for the account: this password can’t be blank and it will be used – along with the avatar name – to login the Online Services website. Submitting a valid password will create the account and finish this first setup step.

Please note: password can be changed anytime using the “change password” feature available on the Online Service Manager.


2. Product activation

The second step is the product activation, which will add the current purchased product to the ones available for the user. User will have to click on the check icon activate of the HUD or on the corresponding “Activate” button in the display version. The Online Services Manager will communicate with the website and do the rest, activating the corresponding product.

At this point, the setup process is completed, and the user can log in the MD Labs Online Services website.


Login and utilization

To login, user will have to go to the page of MD Labs Online Services and provide the Second Life avatar name or key (UUID) and the password chosen in the account registration step.

MD Labs Online Services login page

MD Labs Online Services login page


Once successfully log in, the Online Services home page will open and the user will find the products activated for Online Services under the “Product” drop down list, on the top of the home page, like shown below:

MD Labs Online Services home page

MD Labs Online Services home page


Change/reset password

To change or reset the MD Labs Online Services’s password, the user has two different options: from the Online Services website or through the MD Labs Online Services HUD.

To change password from the MD Labs Online Services website, the user has to perform the login and reach the ‘Preferences’ panel on the right side of the Home. A ‘change password’ link is present to start the procedure.

If for some reason the  user is unable to login the MD Labs Online Services website, a second option to change or reset the password consist in wearing the MD Labs Online Services HUD that is included with the product purchased. Once the HUD is on, simply clicking to the key icon password will lead the user to the password change procedure.


MD Labs Online Services HUD

MD Labs Online Services HUD – Key icon to change/reset the user’s password