About E2V retirement

Hi all, I am writing this post very quickly just tossing you some thoughts about the news of the day.

I know E2V is retiring and honestly talking I am aware of the great, reliable vendor system he created during the years. I also know this retirement will be a great loss for Second Life but right now is not the time to panic. Here is a short list of my suggestions, about what you should and we can expect for the future:

  • don’t panic, the 31st of May is still far;
  • take your time to look around for other vendor solutions, try demo when you can, compare them until you find the one that better fits your need. You don’t need to switch vendor within today;
  • Be sure that my top priority now is to provide some import method, that will let you all easily migrate your data from the E2V system to my MD Vendor System. Importing the existing data is very important because it will allow your existing customers to request redeliveries.
  • E2V is a great system, but every system is unique in its own way. Therefore some features are the same, some are similar and some are very different. For this reason please take your time and try the demo to be able to find out if any other system suits your needs.

This was just a quick roundup. I will be providing more info in the next days, once I will have a clearer view of the situation.


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