MD Labs blackout

Hi all,

unfortunately I just found out that the company hosting the old MD Labs server made some changes during the last hours, that lead to a complete blackout of all MD Labs products. This means that even if the products kept working in-world, no data was transmitted to the server, hence no transactions stored, no communication at all. I had no clue about the changes that were about to be introduced by the hosting company, so I had no way to prevent this.

The blackout took place from 7pm SLT to 2.30am SLT. 

Following some weird behavior I saw on some user registration I was able to realize there was an issue and quickly fix it and in the moment I am writing this post everything should be working correctly again. Since the breakdown involved only the old MD Labs server, not all the versions of my products were affected; here below a list of all the products that stopped working due to the server blackout:

  • MD Bid Board, all versions;
  • MD Group Gift Giver Script, all versions prior to 3.0;
  • MD Gacha Machine, all versions prior to 3.0;
  • MD Security System, all versions;
  • MD Vendor System, all versions;
  • MD Visitors Tracker, all versions prior to 2.0;


If you rezzed any gacha machine, vendor, visitor tracker, or group gift giver during that period, please reset the device and set it up again. If you were using one of the products listed above any transaction, visit, etc that occurred during the blackout period was lost.

Please, let me know immediately if you still have any issue or weird behavior with one of my products.


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