A little update about the data migration tool from E2V to MD Vendor System

Hello, all. This is another short post to keep you informed about what the heck I am currently working on: giving all of you an easy, quick and safe way to migrate your data from E2V to MD Vendor System.

As the E2V creator posted some days ago, he will be providing soon an export method to retrieve all your data from the E2V system (read the official post here). You will be able to export both your complete transactions list and store credits list; meanwhile the E2V creator is making this tool, I am currently working on an easy way to allow you to import all the data into the MD Vendor System platform. This will result into having the complete transactions list – also to provide redelivery – and store credits balance loaded.

So, how does it work? After loading the export files from E2V, the import tool will take care of load and store all your data into the MD Vendor System structure. The import tool – which is currently under developing and testing right now – will be accessible under the MD Vendor System page at MD Labs Online Services; so all you will have to do is login the website, click on the import button, provide the export file and wait till the migration process is complete.

This was just a quick overview to keep you updated, more info will come as soon as I have something ready for wide-testing while we wait for the final export tool from E2V to arrive. Also, once the import tool will be finalized and ready I will start looking and studying for a quick way to automatically update the existing E2V vendors in-world to MD Labs vendors and of course I will keep you posted on the progresses.



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