MD Vendor System: data import and future plans

Hello everyone! Today I am happy to announce the import feature is finally available to everyone.

The import tool was designed to allow you to easily migrate both your sales and credits data from E2V to MD Vendor System, keeping your data consistent and valid. To start importing your data visit the MD Vendor System page at MD Labs Online Services and go to the ‘Store Management‘ tab. Also, be sure to check out the updated manual in order to get a better comprehension of the whole data import flow; the dedicated chapter is here.

I’d also love to spend a few more words to talk about the next steps I will take to improve my product and service; here is a quick list of what to expect in the next weeks and months:

  1. Data migration tool from E2V to MD Vendor System: done. The import tool is available as I am writing this post;
  2. Auto updater from E2V vendors in-world to MD Vendor System vendors: on the work. I am currently starting to perform several tests and investigating about the feasibility of automatically convert your existing E2V vendors in-world into MD vendors; there is no release date yet but expect this by the end of May;
  3. New maintenance release, MD Vendor System 4.0.3: on the work. a maintenance release was already planned and developed before the E2V retirement news; I decided to standby the release cycle to focus on more urgent tasks such as the data import and the auto updater, but I will be working on it again soon. Being a maintenance release it will contain only bugs fix and small improvements, with no new feature; it will also have small changes requested by you during these last weeks. There is no release date yet, but expect this by the end of June;

This was just a quick small-term plan, but I have a lot more ideas and features planned for the future.


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