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MD Redelivery Terminal – old versions retirement

Hello all, soon I am going to retire several old versions of my MD Redelivery Terminal. Below, you will find all the necessary info:

  • Which products are going to be retired?
    • MD Redelivery Terminal Script
    • MD Redelivery Terminal & Product Server Script
  • Which versions of the above products are going to be retired?
    • version 1.0.0, released on 2015-07-01
    • version 1.1.0, released on 2015-07-29
    • version 1.2.0, released on 2015-08-18
    • version 1.3.0, released on 2015-09-30
    • version 1.3.1, released on 2015-09-30
    • version 1.4.0, released on 2015-11-30
    • version 2.0.0, released on 2016-05-20
    • version 2.0.1, released on 2016-06-27
  • When this will happen? 
    • the old versions retirement will start on September 1st, 2018
  • Why are you doing this?
    • the versions listed above are old: they still run on the old server and use ‘old’ code, which relies on obsolete technology. For this reason and in order to keep improving the quality of my work, I cannot afford anymore to maintain the back-compatibility with those versions using such an old technology.
  • What will happen from the retirement day?
    • all the terminals – new and existing – running one of the above versions will stop communicating with the server. This will have mostly three effects:
      • the store’s redelivery page will not open for your customers if the terminal that has been clicked to open it runs on one of the versions listed above;
      • all the terminal’s feature relying on the server will stop working;
      • no data will be stored on the server anymore, so new terminals and new transactions will not be shown on MD Labs Online Services website;
      • it will be impossible to interact with the terminals through the MD Labs Online Services website;
    • What should I do to avoid all this?
      • Simple: update your terminals. For doing this you will need the updated version of the script; you can receive the updated version simply clicking on the “update” button from one of your terminals (owner menu>update) or through the redelivery terminal at MD Labs in-world store. Once obtained the updated version, simply replace the script; and yes, the replace has to be done manually.

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: this is the first step I am taking that will allow me to fully retire version 3.x of MD Vendor System somewhere in 2019. This is a spoiler: if you are still using my MD Vendor System you will be forced at some point to update it to version 4.x which will be the only one working in 2019. For now, only the MD Redelivery Terminal Script update is mandatory and that can be updated even if your store is still running with version 3.x of MD Vendor System: MD Redelivery Terminal & Product Server Script 3.x is fully compatible with MD Vendor System 4.x.

Once the older versions will be retired I will NOT offer support anymore for those devices, so please update in time to avoid any issues.

Please contact me in-world if you need any help before the retirement day.

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