New Releases

MD Gacha Machine 3.3.0

Hello everyone! Today I am happy to announce the general availability of MD Gacha Machine version 3.3.0.

This new iteration of MD Gacha Machine includes the following changes:

  • Events & rounds: this feature has been already released for MD Vendor System and now is available for gacha machines too, extending the already existing event feature and allowing the owner to create now rounds (sub-events) for each event
  • Complete rewrite of MD Gacha Machine Online Services website, adding lots of bug fixes, small features, more reliability and speed to the overall experience
  • small bug fixes and memory optimisations
  • improved the communication protocol between the in-world machines and the MD Online Services website
  • Lots, lots and lots of improvements server-side, in order for the whole system to be faster and more reliable

The update will affect the following products:

As always the new version is available for free to all whom purchased it already, you can get it via update from one of your machines (owner menu>update) or through the redelivery terminal at MD Labs in-world store.

The update of your gachas has to be done manually replacing the script with the new one.

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