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MD Vendor System – new features for your credit reward terminals

Hello everyone! The holidays season is arriving and I have been working very hard in order to provide you new powerful features for your MD Vendor System.

These new features are focused entirely on the credits reward terminal devices:

  • Multiple reward terminals with different reward types;
  • Expiring store credits;

Multiple reward types. From now it is possible to have different reward terminals applying different types of reward; this feature is very useful when – for example – the store owner wants to give a specific amount of credits as reward to every customer and a different amount as reward reserved only to group members, optionally with different policies too. This is an important change and it is achieved grouping terminals by their names. This means that – for example – owners can have a specific reward terminal giving a monthly reward to group members only and another reward terminal giving reward to every customer only once, as long as the two terminals are named differently. Store owners can now also have multiple copies of the same type of terminals as long as they are named the same: this allows – for example – to have a reward terminal located at the mainstore and a second one – applying the same reward – located at an event, making sure that the customers getting the reward at the mainstore cannot receive the same type of reward if they use the terminal at the event location.

Expiring store credits. This feature was requested back in July, when I released the last iteration of MD Vendor System and – as the name suggest – allows the owner to give store credits rewards which will expire on a specific date if not used. This particular type of store credits can be given only through the reward terminals and only if the reward type is set to “Once”: expiring store credits do not support recurring rewards. When setting up the reward policy on the terminal and selecting the ‘once’ reward rule, the owner will be asked to add an optional date for the credits to expire. The expiring store credits will be added to the customer’s balance; when a customer decides to pay a vendor using store credits the system will automatically try to use the expiring store credits first (if present and giving priority to the ones expiring sooner) and – if they are not enough to cover the product’s cost – use the ‘normal/not expiring’ store credits (if present); if again the amount of store credits are not enough to cover the product’s cost the system will request the customer to pay the remaining amount with L$. This process is all automatic and managed by the system, neither the store owner nor the customers will have to take any additional action. Lastly, combining the expiring store credits feature with the multiple reward one described above, the store owners can setup different reward terminals giving rewards with different expiration.

Both new features are already available for stores using the latest version of my vendor system and require only to update the MD Credits Reward Terminal Script to the latest version 1.1.0; this version can be easily retrieved using the “Update” button from any reward terminal.

With the holiday season coming soon, I truly hope these new features will help your business grow and shine. ♥

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