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MD Group Gift Giver Script 3.4.0 is out! And there is a little gift for you!

Hello! Today I happy to announce the release of MD Group Gift Giver Script version 3.4.0!

This update does not introduce any new relevant feature but changes and improves tons of logic “behind the curtains”: the interface between in-world and the MD Labs server has been completely rewritten to improve the service performance and reliability.

Here is the changelog:

  • the communication protocol between in-world devices and MD Labs server has been completely rewritten, allowing a more stable and reliable experience;
  • improved the request caching system for gift to improve the delivery reliability even in laggy conditions;
  • the ‘one per avi’ feature now supports an unlimited number of entries. This means that a single avatar cannot get a specific item twice if the ‘one per avi’ option is enabled;
  • the ‘avatar age’ feature is now 100% accurate and able to keep track of leap years during the age calculation;
  • additional options such as ‘reserve gift’ and blacklist are now a way more stable and reliable;
  • better handling of the demo license type;
  • improved the ‘apply to single/apply to all’ menu, in order to avoid wrong click by mistake;
  • other small bug fixes and memory optimizations;


In addition to all this – and since we are approaching the Christmas time – I have prepared a little gift for you all, to thank you for this amazing year: a plugin for the MD Group Gift Giver Script able to turn your group gift givers into an advent calendar system, working from December 1st to December 24th.

The MD Group Gift Giver Plugin – Advent Calendar script is available in-world at my mainstore as free gift for MD Labs group members; the setup is very easy, just drop the advent calendar script inside your group gift giver along with the MD Group Gift Giver Script (please note that version 3.4.0 of MD Group Gift Giver Script is required). Once installed the plugin, you can access the settings from the owner menu > Calendar submenu; here you will be able to configure your advent calendar day by day, assigning to each day a specific gift to be given.

Each new gift will be given starting from midnight SLT.

Now the neat part is that the advent calendar plugin integrates perfectly with MD Group Gift Giver Script and this means that every rule set in your group gift giver will be taken in account from the advent calendar system; in other words, you can setup your advent calendar and – through the MD Group Gift Giver Script options – make sure that (for example):

  • only group members can request the gifts;
  • every user can receive a specific gift just once, using the ‘one per avi’ option;
  • apply a maximum number of gifts that can be given, using the ‘gift limit’ option;
  • reserve the gifts to a restricted list of users, using the ‘reserve gift’ feature;
  • prevent avatar older than a certain age in days to request the gifts, using the ‘avatar age’ option;
  • much, much more

So head out to the MD Labs mainstore and get your free copy of the MD Group Gift Giver Plugin – Advent Calendar script.

As always I would love to thank all of you whom suggested me new feature and improvements, reported bugs and helped me testing out new features. I would love to remind there is an amazing Discord community which keeps growing and helping each other, making me super happy. (Click here if you haven’t joined yet!

This is all for now, but keep yourself tuned on MD Labs social channels because there is still one release left to complete this amazing 2018! ♥


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