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You didn’t see this coming! MD Gacha Machine 3.2.0 is here!

YES! Finally I am happy to announce the general availability of MD Gacha Machine 3.2.0!

The latest release of my gacha machine script was done in April 2017 and since then I started collecting your feedback as always for what was going to be the next release. MD Gacha Machine 3.2.0 was meant to be released in April 2018 but by then I had to reschedule my priorities to work hard on my vendor system; I know this is a long awaited release, especially for a couple of features and fixes which have been requested by the majority of you during these 1.5 year. So here it is what is new (partially, cause it’s been too long and I can’t really remember everything):

  • Added a third splitter to split the machine’s profit with. YES. You can now split the machine’s income with up to 2 more avatars in addition to the machine’s owner. YES. YAY. Since I collected around 56’789’195’848 notecards and IMs asking me for this feature, I suppose I just made a lot of you happy ;
  • Blacklist support: you can now add one or more avatars to the blacklist through the MD Online Services website and those avatars will not be allowed to play your gachas;
  • Removed the “group only” feature. I know but before you complain know that only less than 2% of the whole machines rezzed in-world used that feature. My apologies to that 2%;
  • Fixed a very annoying bug regarding prizes with transfer-only permissions not triggering the machine’s inventory update; (sorry for this!)
  • Improved the reliability of the ‘special‘ prize feature, which failed to be delivered at times in heavy lag scenarios;
  • Lots, lots and lots of improvements server-side, in order for the whole system to be faster and more reliable;
  • improved the communication protocol between the in-world machines and the MD Online Services website;
  • improved the ‘apply to single/apply to all’ menu, in order to avoid wrong click by mistake;
  • better handling of the demo license type;
  • other small bug fixes and memory optimizations;

The update will affect the following products:

The roll out of the update will be incremental starting from MD Gacha Machine Script, and expanding to other versions in the next days.

My next task to complete the gacha machine system is to update the whole MD Online Services website in order to make it more responsive and reliable. This will happen in the next month, so please be patient if some features are bugged and please report me any issue you may encounter.

I want to spend my last words of this post to thank everyone who helped me testing out the script during my work and everyone who suggested features and reported bug. I couldn’t do this without you! <3

As always the new version is available for free to all whom purchased it already, you can get it via update from one of your machines (owner menu>update) or through the redelivery terminal at MD Labs in-world store.

Now go update your gachas and split your machines’s profit with the world! (up to 2 avatars per time)

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