MD Vendor System – data cleanup for inactive stores

Hello everyone! As some of you may know MD Vendor System has been around for quite some time now as the first versions were released in 2012. Since those first versions and through these years I have collected and stored all the needed informations about stores, transactions, credits, and much more.

After several data analisys I found out that a part of all the data kept is related to stores which are no longer active, either because they have closed or simply switched to another vendor solution; I feel like it’s time to start cleaning all that unused data and sort it out.

Starting from Monday, April 13th I will start a deep cleanup process for all those stores which have been flagged as not active anymore.

An inactive store is one which:

  • its vendors haven’t been contacting the MD Labs server for the past 3 years;
  • have not performed any transaction (in-world or via SL Marketplace) for the past 3 years;

The cleanup process will delete every information about the inactive stores, including (but not only):

  • vendors;
  • transactions;
  • credits;
  • redeliveries;
  • imported data;
  • manager list & blacklist;

The stores which have been using MD Vendor System but have closed or migrated to another vendor system more than 3 years ago may want login the MD Labs Online Services page , go to the MD Vendor System section and export their data with through ‘Store Management’ tab before the cleanup process begins.

Please contact me in-world or on discord if you have any question.

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