MD Vendor System & SL names change

Hello everyone! As we all know our beloved Linden Lab recently re-introduced last names for those of us who have a premium account.

Q: Will the vendor system keep working even after an user changed its last name? Will redeliveries and store credits continue to work with the name change?

A: Yes and yes. Actually, nothing changes for MD Vendor System, both in the backend (server) and frontend (website). You can gift products to users whom changed their names, change your name and still be able to access your redelivery list and request redeliveries for products purchased under the old and new name. Everything will work as usual.

All product released by MD Labs uses avatar UUID (key) to perform every activity, therefore nothing will change also for MD Gacha Script, MD Security System, MD Visitors Tracker and all the other. And this since 2013.

Lastly. I have seen several posts on social media about people being 100% sure that vendor systems having issues with redeliveries, store credits, etc. Please check on the official sites of the according vendor systems, I can only speak for my own system and can assure you everything will continue to work as usual.

Please contact me in-world or on discord if you have any question.

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