MD Visitors Tracker 3.1.0 & old version retirement

Hello everyone! Today, after months of work and especially of bug hunting and fixing, I am super super happy to announce the release of MD Visitors Tracker 3.1.0!

Even if the version jump may look small, the work done for this release has been enormous in order to add almost all the features and changes you suggested since the last release and fix the tons of bugs that were present.

The list of changes is long and involves both the in-world device and the companion website at MD Labs Online Services:

  • added a new scan area type: all parcels in region. The owner will now be able to use a single device to track visitors on all parcels owned within a specific region;
  • added a new scan area type: custom area. The owner can now define a custom-sized scan area for the tracker instead of scanning the full parcel – this option is particularly useful for stores or clubs;
  • the ‘window‘ greeting mode for visitors now sends a dialog window containing the greeting message and several buttons (depending on the the greeting settings) for the users to interact;
  • new notification options: the tracker can now send new visitors notifications also to managers other than the owner;
  • new ‘Track Owner‘ option to track owner as a normal visitor;
  • greatly improved the server-side interface between the device in-world and the MD Labs servers for a more reliable and faster processing;
  • improved the tracker’s scan algorithm;
  • fixed a bug preventing the tracker to send notecards, landmarks and items having specific characters in their names;
  • fixed a super annoying bug preventing the tracker to send the daily visitors report;
  • fixed a bug preventing the scroll through managers and whitelist pages;
  • dozen, literally dozen of bugs fixed; so many that at some point I asked myself if what I am really good at is creating bugs instead of writing scripts;
  • lots of code optimisations aimed to improve and reduce the memory utilisation;
  • lots of other things I am forgetting for sure;

In addition to all these changes, the MD Labs Online Services website for the MD Visitors Tracker has been completely rewritten (once more) to reflect the huge amount of changes performed and implement new features especially for the data analysis:

  • the ‘Visitors‘ tab now allows to search for a specific visitor avatar using either the key (UUID) or name;
  • added a brand new ‘Statistics‘ tab into the tracker’s detail page, allowing to run pre-configured and custom data analysis on arrivals trends;
  • tons of fixes and improvements for a better overall experience;

And lastly, as cherry on top, the MD Visitors Tracker user manual has been finally(!) updated to reflect all the new amazing changes and features. Wooooo. Go check it out here.

But this post is not over yet, as for one new version which arrives there is one (very) old version which will be retired soon. Below here there is all you need to know:

  • Which products are going to be retired?
    • MD Visitors Tracker
    • MD Visitors Tracker (Notepad)
    • MD Visitors Tracker (Bulb)
    • MD Visitors Tracker Board
  • Which versions of the above products are going to be retired?
    • version 2.0.0, released on 2016-11-21
  • When this will happen? 
    • the old versions retirement will start on May 1st, 2021
  • Why are you doing this?
    • the versions listed above are old: they use ‘old’ code, which relies on obsolete technology. For this reason and in order to keep improving the quality of my work, I cannot afford anymore to maintain the back-compatibility with those versions using such an old technology.
  • What will happen from the retirement day?
    • all the trackers – new and existing – running one of the above versions will stop communicating with the server. All the tracker’s feature relying on the server will stop working; no data will be stored on the server anymore, so new trackers and new visits will not be shown on MD Labs Online Services website; it will be impossible to interact with the trackers through the MD Labs Online Services website;
  • What should I do to avoid all this?
    • Simple: update your trackers. For doing this you will need the updated version of the script; you can receive the updated version simply clicking on the “update” button from one of your trackers (owner menu>update) or through the redelivery terminal at MD Labs in-world store. Once obtained the updated version, simply replace the tracker; and yes, the replace has to be done manually.

I cannot finish this post without saying a big THANK YOU to all of you whom helped me suggesting new features, taking time to contact me to report issues and being patient when things did not work as expected. Your help is always appreciated and your constant support is what keeps me here.

As always the new version is available for free to all whom purchased it already, you can get it via update from one of your tracker (owner menu>update) or through the redelivery terminal at MD Labs in-world store.

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