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MD Smart Unpacker Script

Hello everyone and whoa! It’s been so long since I haven’t released a brand new product!

Today I am super happy and super excited to announce the first release of MD Smart Unpacker Script!

*insert applause here*

The idea for this product has been in my mind and on my to-do list for several years and I am really really happy I could finally find the time to create it this year. MD Smart Unpacker Script is a small yet complete tool to create unpacking boxes and HUDs, expressly created for designers working in the virtual fashion business and providing their releases for different body types. Using MD Smart Unpacker Script you will be able to create interactive HUDs with different buttons for each body type available in the release and allow the final users to unpack only the product for the desired body type, reducing the clutter and confusion in inventory.

But there is more, much more. MD Smart Unpacker Script – in all its smartness – will collect for you the data about the unpacking trends such as which body types are the most unpacked and present the results with several detailed statistics and graphs available through MD Labs Online Services and updated in real time; this way you will always know which body is the most used and which one is not, allowing you to target your future releases to the biggest audience.

MD Smart Unpacker Script is already available at MD Labs in-world store or on SL Marketplace; for a complete list of all the features and a more detailed walk-through of them please check the user manual.

As always I want to close this post with a big THANK YOU to all of you whom assisted me during the whole creation process: from who helped me define all the shiny features to the one of you taking time to test and report issues. I know I say this always but your constant support is what keeps me here and pushes me to always improve myself.

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