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MD Vendor System 4.1: new features & major changes

Hello everyone! I am very excited to finally announce the official release of MD Vendor System 4.1, bringing several amazing new features that will enhance the overall experience and take it to a higher level.

As you may know, I never stopped working on the vendor system, improving both the back-end and front-end in order to provide you all the best stability and performances that I was able to. I also have been listening close to your feedback and wrote down all your requests and I am happy to say that almost all the features you have requested have been implemented in this coming version.

Since the complete list of changes is very long, including hundreds of big and small things, I will report here what I think are the most amazing features coming with this new release of MD Vendor System:

  • Second splitter (YES): split the vendor’s profit with up to two different avatars.
  • Store partner: select an avatar as store partner, giving the permission to access every vendor, server and terminal in-world and from the website, exactly like the owner does.
  • Sets: using the website, the owner will be able to create virtual groups of vendors representing a category of product; for each set sales statistics are collected, so the owner is able to see which category of product is the most profitable. Additionally it is possible to apply a setting in-world directly to all the vendors being part of a specific set.
  • Store credit % for non group members: set a different store credit % for group members and a second – different – one for non group members.
  • Forbid usage of credits for gifting: disable the utilisation of store credits or gift card credits when the user is gifting the product to another avatar.
  • Multi-item vendor: use the vendor system script and the demo&items plugin in combination with the provided panel vendor to create multi-item vendors able to sell different products, scroll through them and preview the product’s image.
  • Credits reward terminals: a whole new script for a whole new device integrated with MD Vendor System, allowing the owner to setup credits reward campaigns for their customers, picking the amount of store credits and the reward period recurrence.
  • Redelivery HUD: a brand new script to create redelivery HUDs for store owners to offer to their customers, whom will just have to wear it to access their personal redelivery page.
  • Events & rounds: this feature has been already released on the website since a few months, extending the already existing event feature, allowing the owner to create now rounds (sub-events) for each event.
  • New gift cards system: including a new gift card script with enhanced security to block cheaters and new features such as the card expiration date and the possibility to reserve the gift card utilisation to a specific avatar.
  • Group gifts redelivery: for stores using both MD Vendor System AND MD Group Gift Giver Script: direct redelivery for group gifts from the webpage for customer and owners.
  • MD Vendor System back-end: lots of small to major changes have been performed over the last years, to fix bugs, implement new features and increase the overall performances.
  • MD Vendor System front-end: lots of small to major changes have been implemented to MD Vendor System website, increasing the performances, fixing bugs and adding new features.
  • Bug fixing: bugs affecting the previous versions have been fixed, increasing the system’s stability even more.

The last couple of years have been a crazy time for my vendor system, the traffic grew incredibly fast and the number of transactions stored and managed is now 3x times more than just two years ago.

Again I would like to thank you all for the trust you have put in me and the constant support.

As already anticipated in my previous post this new release will have a major change: MD Vendor System becomes a subscription-based service, requiring a weekly subscription to work.

Please note that this change will affect only the new version, the ‘old’ 4.0.x will keep working as usual although it won’t receive any future update. As already said this is something that has become necessary to ensure you all the best quality service I am capable of whilst continuing with the long-term plans I have for my system.

While finding the best way to transform the system into a subscription-based service I have constantly kept the main goal in my mind: provide you a flexible system able to adapt to your specific needs, independently by the type of business you are running. For this reason the subscription system for MD Vendor System will have two different billing methods:

  • a weekly ‘fixed’ fee of 999L$;
  • a monthly fee calculated as the 2% of the previous month profit;

Store owners can choose the billing type which suits their needs best and they will be able to switch between the two methods up to four times a year. I think this is the best way to create a flexible and fair subscription system, able to adapt to every kind of store whilst allowing the owner to shape it around a constantly changing market.

From today, MD Vendor System will be sold at 999 L$ and will include one month of subscription. MD Vendor System 4.1 is provided as FREE update to all the existing customers. You don’t have to buy it again. To receive the new version click the “update” button from any of your existing vendors and the new release should be delivered to you immediately.

Lastly, current users can try out this new version of MD Vendor System for free for the whole month of July.

As always I want to end this post thanking all of you whom suggested me new features and improvements, reported bugs, helped me testing out new things and have been patient when things did not work as they had to. Another big thank you goes to the amazing Discord community which keeps growing and helping each other. (Click here if you haven’t joined yet!)

I truly hope you will enjoy all the new features and the new path taken, I can’t wait to travel that path with you all and help your business grow ♥

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