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MD Security System 3.1 & old versions retirement

Hello everyone! Today I am pleased to announce the availability of MD Security System 3.1.

This release brings a couple of new features and also some important bug fix:

  • added support for quick erase of orb’s lists from MD Online Services website;
  • added chat command to open the orb’s menu;
  • improved the orb’s scan engine;
  • fixed an annoying bug preventing the orb to correctly scan avatars when the group mode was enabled as part of the scan rules;
  • improved the handling of generic http errors;
  • improved the MD Online Services website;

As always the new version is available for free to all whom purchased it already, you can get it via update from one of your orb (owner menu>update) or through the redelivery terminal at MD Labs in-world store.

In addition to this new release, I am announcing the planned retirement of some very old version of MD Security System. Below, you will find all the necessary info:

  • Which products are going to be retired?
    • MD Security System
    • MD Security System (Copy)
  • Which versions of the above products are going to be retired?
    • version 1.8.0, released on 2015-07-29
    • version 2.0.0, released on 2015-10-24
    • version 2.0.1, released on 2015-11-15
    • version 2.1.0, released on 2016-02-13
    • version 2.2.0, released on 2016-03-13
    • version 2.3.1, released on 2016-05-03
    • version 2.3.3, released on 2016-05-31
    • version 2.3.4, released on 2016-06-24
    • version 2.4.0, released on 2016-08-04
    • version 2.5.0, released on 2016-09-05
    • version 2.5.1, released on 2016-10-03
    • version 2.5.2, released on 2016-12-09
  • When this will happen? 
    • the old versions retirement will start on September 1st, 2020
  • Why are you doing this?
    • the versions listed above are old: they still run on the old server and use ‘old’ code, which relies on obsolete technology. For this reason and in order to keep improving the quality of my work, I cannot afford anymore to maintain the back-compatibility with those versions using such an old technology.
  • What will happen from the retirement day?
    • all the security orbs- new and existing – running one of the above versions will stop communicating with the server. This will have mostly three effects:
    • all the orb’s feature relying on the server will stop working;
    • no data will be stored on the server anymore, so new orbs not be shown on MD Labs Online Services website;
    • it will be impossible to interact with the orbs through the MD Labs Online Services website;
  • What should I do to avoid all this?
    • Simple: update your orbs. For doing this you will need the updated security orb; you can receive the updated version simply clicking on the “update” button from one of your orbs(owner menu>update) or through the redelivery terminal at MD Labs in-world store. Once obtained the updated version, simply replace your existing orb with the new one.

Once the older versions will be retired I will NOT offer support anymore for those devices, so please update in time to avoid any issues.

Please contact me in-world if you need any help before the retirement day.

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