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MD Gacha Machine 3.0 released

Hello! Finally, after 3 months of development and testing, I am happy to announce version 3.0 of MD Gacha Machine Script. (*insert applause here*)

The update will affect the following products:

The roll out of the update will be incremental starting from MD Gacha Machine, and expanding to other versions in the next days.

There are tons of improvements and new features in this release. Seriously, tons:

  • Implemented a brand new communication protocol between in-world machines and MD Labs Online Services website, for a more reliable, faster and more efficient experience;
  • Optimized and simplified ALL the data interrogations performed: loading and processing your data on the website is now dozen times faster;
  • Implemented the complete auto backup & restore of the machine’s settings: each setting is automatically saved and restored in case of machine’s reset;
  • Improved the transaction storing and prize delivery process: if high lag or some issue prevents the machine’s normal functionality, the transaction will be canceled and the player refunded, reducing the number of failed deliveries;
  • Expanded the machine’s event feature: you can now create events with a starting and/or ending date-time and the machines associated to those events will work only during the specified period; (*)
  • Presets! Create as many machine’s presets as you want, including price, rares win chances and options, and apply them easily from the website; (*)
  • Managers! Yes, Managers! You can now add users as managers picking from three different permissions level. These users will be able to access your store from the MD Labs Online Services website and – depending on their permissions level – interact with the machines; (*)
  • Redesigned the machine’s details page: the page is now divided into three tabs, giving you lot of useful information like the machine’s play stats and settings;
  • Online setup: you can now interact with the machines through the website, access each machine’s setting and set or change them; (*)
  • Improved the hosted event’s details page: along with a faster loading time, more graphs and data have been added in order to help the event’s hoster; (*)
  • Added a data import tool: you can now import data from GachaVend by Bella Gacha system and have all your stats in one place;
  • Literally dozens of little fixes and graphic enhancements to MD Labs Online Services website including icons, graphs, colors and texts: we like it beautiful;
  • Updated the online manual, reflecting all these exciting new features;
  • Small bug fixes;
  • Memory optimizations;
  • Other things I forgot, because I am sure I have;


(*) feature available only through MD Labs Online Services website.

This update comes after more than one year from the last release. During this time I have been collecting all your feedback, studying how the machines were used and thinking of all the ways I had to improve my product. This new version is the result of all this and I wish to thank you all for your precious help. Also, a BIG thank you to who helped me testing out the script before releasing it to public, allowing me to provide to all of you a quality product.

As always the new version is available for free to all whom purchased it already, you can get it via update from one of your machines (owner menu>update) or through the redelivery terminal at MD Labs in-world store.

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