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MD Group Gift Giver Script 3.2.0 released


Today I am happy to announce the release of the version 3.2 of my MD Group Gift Giver Script, a simple yet complete script for all your gift boards.

This release is the first product using the new server’s features and this translates into a more reliable, faster and more efficient overall experience. The connection between group gift givers and the MD Labs Online Services website is “tighter” now, allowing everyone to perform more actions in a more reliable environment, and this means you can control even more aspects of your gift givers through the website, without needing to be logged in Second Life. Along with this new feature, the usual bug fixes and memory usage optimizations have been made.

  • Brand new communication protocol between in-world gift givers and MD Labs Online Services website, for a more reliable, faster and more efficient experience;
  • Automatic backup and restore of reserve gift list, manager list, and blacklist;
  • Small bug fixes;
  • Memory optimizations;
  • Love, happiness & more;

As always the new version is available for free to all whom purchased it already, you can get it via update from one of your terminals (owner menu>update) or through the redelivery terminal at MD Labs in-world store.

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