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MD Security System 3

Hello everyone, today I am sharing with you the general availability of a new milestone release for my security system: MD Security System 3.

This update – which is more a total rework – was very needed as the latest release was pushed out almost 3 years ago (sorry for the delay!); it took me over 4 months of hard work to put together this new version which finally fixes tons of bugs that were affecting the old security orbs.

Being this a milestone release which I have been longing to do for long, the changelog is rather long and involves both the in-world device and the companion website at MD Labs Online Services; let’s get started:

  • Performed a deep & complete rewrite of almost all code for the in-world orb, especially the core algorithms for the avatars detection, to provide a reliable, consistent and strong protection;
  • Removed any kind of limitation concerning the number of avatars that can be added to the orb’s access list. You can now have an infinite number of admin/managers and also an infinite ban list;
  • Administrators & managers can now access the orb’s webpage at MD Labs Online Services;
  • Added a “Report” button to get a list of the last ejection performed by the orb;
  • Added “Minimum Height” as rule to automatically eject avatars below a certain height in meters (this option is available through MD Labs Online Services website);
  • You can now search through the orb’s access list, to easily find a specific avatar;
  • The orb’s scan range can now be any value between 1 and 4096 meters, corresponding to the parcel scan;
  • Fixed the ‘avatar age’ calculation, which is now 100% accurate and able to keep track of leap years;
  • Fixed several bugs concerning the orb’s ability to understand when the deed to the land’s group was required or not;
  • Added more details for both unwanted avatars and orb’s owner when an ejection is performed, giving also the type of violation which triggered the ejection;
  • Removed the possibility to restore the orb’s access list using a notecard, as this method was highly unreliable;
  • Optimized every single aspect of the orb’s functioning, reducing the memory consumption to the minimum, allowing the orb to work also in very laggy scenario;
  • When deleting an existing orb you will now be able to keep the orb’s access list for quicker restore or migration;
  • A total rewrite of the communication protocol between in-world orbs and MD Labs Online Services website, in order to allow a faster and more reliable interaction;
  • Better handling of the demo license type;
  • Tons of fixes for little silly bugs and memory optimizations;
  • Lots of other fixes and improvements I cannot remember in this moment but I am sure I have done during the 4 months of development;

In addition to all these changes, the MD Labs Online Services website for the MD Security System has been completely rewritten to reflect the huge amount of changes performed to the security system:

  • The whole website is now dozen times faster and reliable when performing any action on the orbs;
  • MD Security System’s owner can now see the administrator or managers able to access to each security orb from the “Admin&Manager” tab;
  • The “Logs” tab now shows the most recent actions performed by each orb in-world;
  • The owner & allowed users can now export each orb’s access list;
  • The owner & allowed users can access and change every aspect of the orb’s functioning through the “Settings” tab;

During these last 4 months, from the beginning of April until these last weeks, a biggest part of my work has been testing the orb in several and different environments: from my little lonely work skybox – with almost no traffic – to medium-crowded clubs and regions with a cap between 25 and 30 avatars, to very crowded and laggy places such as events and very popular clubs. First of all I would love to say a big THANK YOU to all the clubs and events owners whom let me to camp in their regions for weeks to test and study how the orb was performing; as always I couldn’t do this without you. Although every scenario is different and lag tend to mess up scripted devices, I have tried my best to provide you a strong, stable and flexible security system that can work seamlessly in every condition, whether you are using it to protect your privacy at home, trying to keep your event as lag-free as possible or protecting your club from griefers or unwanted avatars.

As always the new version is available for free to all whom purchased it already, you can get it via update from one of your orb (owner menu>update) or through the redelivery terminal at MD Labs in-world store.

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