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MD Vendor System 4.1.2 & more

Hello everyone! Finally today, after almost 1.5 year from the previous release, I am announcing MD Vendor System 4.1.2 !

MD Vendor System 4.1.2 is a maintenance release, which means it doesn’t really introduce any new feature but fixes several bugs which have been reported in the last 1.5 years; in addition to bug fixes it enhances the system’s stability and that’s why – even if it’s not urgent – I would recommend all of you to take some time and upgrade your vendors and other devices at some point.

I am going to report here a brief changelog for this version:

  1. MD Vendor System (“core”):
    • Added confirmation dialog when archiving vendors;
    • Fixed a rare bug where when resetting a vendor the settings were not restored to the installed plugins;
    • Improved system’s stability in case of server or SL grid outage;
    • Fixed an annoying bug “invalid key passed” happening during vendor setup on certain conditions;
    • Improved system’s stability recovering after region restarts;
  2. MD Vendor System Plugin – Demo & Multiple Items:
    • Fixed a bug where wrong textures were shown if plugin was not installed in the default multi-item vendor;
  3. MD Vendor System Plugin – Remote Control:
    • Fixed an annoying bug “invalid key passed” happening during vendor setup on certain conditions;
  4. MD Vendor System Plugin – Store Credit & Gift Card:
    • Improved stability when purchasing using credits;
    • Added the expiring store credits amount report when users request their balance;
  5. MD Vendor System Plugin – Poses:
    • Fixed several bugs occurring when the “sell boxed” option was enabled;
    • Fixed several bugs preventing settings to be correctly restored;
  6. MD Redelivery Terminal & Product Server Script:
    • Improved system’s stability recovering after region restarts;
  7. MD Credits Reward Terminal Script:
    • Improved system’s stability recovering after region restarts;

In addition to all this literally hundreds of fixes, small new features, security and performance improvements have been implemented in the backend of the system to ensure you always the most stable features and fastest performances.

But there is more, much more! Following your suggestions and requests I have two brand new parts to MD Vendor System:

  1. A brand new in-world script called “MD Credit Balance Checker” which – once installed in a simple terminal – will let users check their credits balance within a simple click. This new little script is already included in the MD Vendor System 4.1.2 pack;
  2. A brand new chapter in the MD Vendor System user manual dedicated on how to migrate to MD Vendor System from other vendor solutions, including step-by-step instructions. The chapter can be found here.

And last, but definitely not least, I am announcing a small but important change for MD Vendor System subscribers using the “fixed” billing method: from today the grace period has been extended from one week to 30 days, giving you more time to renew your subscription without risking your vendors to stop working. Due the different nature of the subscription billing types (fixed vs percentage-based) this change is available only for the fixed subscription billing type.

MD Vendor System is available at MD Labs in-world store or on SL Marketplace; for a complete list of all the features and a more detailed walk-through of them please check the user manual.

For any question don’t hesitate to contact me in-world or through the MD Labs discord server.

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