MD Vendor System Subscription – one more thing

Hello everyone! Of course it was impossible for me to not forget something while writing the release post of MD Vendor System 4.1.2; and of course I forgot to report one of the most important change for the vendor system subscription: two brand new renewal plans for for MD Vendor System subscribers using the “fixed” billing method, with a bonus!

From today, in addition to the usual number of weeks from 1 to 8 it is possible to renew the MD Vendor System subscription for 6 months (26 weeks) and one year (52 weeks); both these new lengths are available only for subscribers using the “fixed” fee billing method.

These long-length renewal periods have been added after listening to your suggestions and to allow you to have a more relaxing pay-&-forget formula.

But there is more, a little bonus! Users who will renew for a whole year with a single payment will receive 4 weeks free, meaning you will get a whole year of subscription paying 11 months.

You can already use this new long-length renewals using the MD Subscription terminal located at MD Labs in-world store or through the newest version of MD Vendor System Subscription (HUD), which can be retrieved from the MD Subscription terminal or redelivering the MD Vendor System from both in-world and SL Marketplace. (Yes, I forgot also to add the subscription HUD in the vendor system pack but now it’s included).

For any question don’t hesitate to contact me in-world or through the MD Labs discord server.

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