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MD Trinket Machine

Hello everyone! Today I am very happy to announce the first full release of MD Trinket Machine!

MD Trinket Machine provides all the most useful features for a fun and engaging system, such as:

  • Common, rares and ultrarare items;
  • Split profit with up to two avatars in addition to the owner;
  • Direct pay;
  • Special item to be gifted after a certain number of pulls;

The setup and usage is very simple and immediate: once the owner has rezzed the machine, dropped the items inside, set a play price and eventually edited the rares extraction percentages and shuffle time, the machine is ready to be used. At this point:

  1. a random item among the ones present inside the machine is extracted according to the rares category percentages (if provided). Depending on the version of MD Trinket Machine used, the details of the item extracted (name or key number) are shown either as hover text or in the designed text area;
  2. the machine will start a countdown accordingly to the shuffle time chosen by the owner (default is 1 hour); the countdown status is shown in real time either as hover text or in the designed text area; now:
    • if a user pays the machine before the countdown is over the current item extracted is delivered to the payer avatar and the machine will restart its workflow from point #1;
    • if no one pays the machine before the countdown is over then the machine will restart its workflow from point #1, extracting a new item randomly;

MD Trinket Machine comes in three different version to better fit everyone’s needs and preferences:

  • MD Trinket Machine: the complete mesh version of MD Trinket Machine; this device comes loaded with all the necessary scripts and the user will just have to rez it on the ground and proceed with the setup.
  • MD Trinket Machine (Board): a single-prim display board pre-loaded with the necessary script and made to be linked to any third-party machine, turning it into a MD Trinket Machine. 
  • MD Trinket Machine Script: the script-only version of MD Trinket Machine; once dropped it will transform the object into in a trinket machine.

All the three versions listed above are included in the product’s package, so owners can experiment and decide which version to use depending on their specific needs.

MD Trinket Machine is already available at MD Labs in-world store or on SL Marketplace; for a complete list of all the features and a more detailed walk-through of them please check the user manual.

For any question don’t hesitate to contact me in-world or through the MD Labs discord server.

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